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Traveling Boy Archives


See a patial list of our travel blog articles featuring places in North America below. For the complete blog archives list please visit our Archives page.

Agua Dulce, CA
Alaska Cruise
Alaska: Musk Ox
Alaskan Interior
Alaska Marine Highway
Alaska Railway
Alaska Small Ship Cruise
Alaska Whale Watching
Amelia Island, FL
Arizona Cowboy College
Atlanta, Idaho
Austin, Texas
Avila Beach, CA
Baja California Sur
Baja Wine Country, Mexico
Big Bear Lake, CA
British Columbia Tea
California Coast
Cambria & Paso Robles
Canadian Cities
Canadian Rockies
Canadian Winter
Catalina Island
Central Coast, California
Charlevoix, Quebec
Cherokee Nation
Chincoteague & Assateague
Claremont, CA
Columbia River
Costa Rica
Costa Rica Cloud Forest
Cozumel, Mexico
Death Valley Pupfish
Denali National Park
Dominican Republic
Douglas Complex Fire, OR
Eastern Washington
Fairbanks, Alaska
French Canada Cruise
Glacier Peak, WA
Grand del Mar
Guadalajara, Mexico
Hana Highway, Hawaii
Hawaii Big Island
Honolulu, Hawaii
Inland Northwest
Jacksonville, Oregon
Juneau, Alaska
Kaua'i 1; Kaua'i 2
Key West
Kona, Hawaii
La Cantera, San Antonio, TX
Laguna Beach
Laguna Beach Images
Lahaina, Hawaii
Lake Charles, Louisiana
Lanai. Hawaii
La Paz, Mexico
La Quinta, Palm Springs, CA
Las Alamandas, Mexico
Las Vegas
Lewis & Clark Expedition
Lexington, Kentucky
Long Beach
Mammoth Mountain
Maui, Hawaii
Mohonk Mountain House
Molokai, Hawaii
Monterey Bay
Montreal Tea
Morongo Resort
Myrtle Beach
Napa Valley
New Brunswick
New Hampshire
New Mexico
New Mexico Images
New Orleans
New York
North Cascades, WA
North Dakota Blizzard
Northern Washington State
Nova Scotia
Oceanside, CA
Orange County
Oregon Coast
Olympia, WA
Olympic Peninsula, WA
Oxford, Mississippi
Oxnard, CA
Palm Springs Aerial Tram
Palm Springs Museum
Palouse Scenic Byway
Pasadena, CA
Paso Robles, CA
Pismo Beach, CA
Playa del Carmen, Mexico
Prince Rupert/Digby Island
Prudhoe Bay, Canadian Arctic
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Queen Charlotte Islands
Redondo Beach
Rhode Island
Richmond, BC
Riverside, CA
Riviera Maya, Mexico
Route 66
Samish Island, WA
San Diego
San Diego Resort
San Francisco
San Luis Obispo, CA
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Santa Monica, CA
Seattle Parade Photos
Sedona, Arizona
Seward Highway, Alaska
Sitka, Alaska
Skagway, Alaska
Sonoma, CA
South Texas
St. Lawrence River, Canada
St. Louis, MO
Sun Valley, ID
Taos & Kit Carson
Taos, New Mexico
Texas Bull Riding
Texas Wine Country
Tongass, Alaska
Ventura, CA
Victoria, BC
Virginia Skydiving
Waco, Texas
Washington D.C.
Washington D.C: Newseum
Western Canada
Westlake Village, CA
Whistler, B.C.

Traveling Boy Archives


Alcala, Spain
Aran Islands, Ireland
Arnhem, Holland
Assisi, Italy
Augsburg, Germany
Baltic Sea Nations
Basel. Switzerland
Beira, Portugal
Bertha Benz Route, Germany
Bled, Slovenia
Brno, Czech Republic
Bruges, Leiden and Dijon
Burgundy, France
Castelluccio di Norcia, Italy
Champagne and Lorraine
Champagne Country, France
Civita di Bagnoregio, Italy
Consuegra, Spain
Cortona, Italy
Cotswolds, England
County Cork, Ireland
Crete, Greece
Czech Republic
Czech Republic Slideshow
Dolomites, Italy
Duxford Aviation Museum
Eastern Mediterranean
Erfurt, Germany
Europe by Train
Europe's Churches
Europe's Statues
Fairytale Road, Germany
Flanders, Belgium
French Alps
Galicia, Spain
German Wine Tours
Germany (Bach)
Germany (small towns)
Germany (4 big cities)
Germany's Great Cities Giverny, France
Graubunden, Switzerland
Graz, Austria
Great Britain Photos
Heroes of Britain
Heroes of Europe
Holland River Cruise
Iceland 1; Iceland 2; Iceland 3
Innsbruck, Austria
Ireland Return
Ireland Tour 1; Ireland Tour 2
Ireland Vacation
Ischia Island, Italy
Kos Island, Greece
Lake Como, Italy
La Mancha, Spain
Lisbon, Portugal
Libourne, SW France
Liverpool, England
Loch Ness, Scotland
London Tea
London Tour Part 1
London Tour Part 2
London Tour Part 3
London Tour Part 4
Lorraine, France
Lucerne, Switzerland
Madrid Tapas
Mediterranean Cruise
Meuse-Argonne, France
Montagne, SW France
Monte Verità, Switzerland
Montpellier, France
Moscow & St, Petersburg
Nidwalden, Switzerland
Norcia, Umbria, Italy
Normandy Beaches, France
Normandy, France
Northern Italy
North Wales Railway
Norwegian Arctic
Norwegian Fjords
Offbeat Germany
Off the Beaten Path Europe
Orvieto, Italy
Oslo, Bergen & Trondheim
Perugia, Italy
Piazza dei Signori, Vicenza
Piovene Rocchette, Italy
Pittormie Castle, Scotland
Pointe du Hoc, Normandy
Port Meirion, North Wales
Prague, Czech Republic
Provence, France
Pyla-sur-Mer, SW France
Rail Europe
Rhodes Island, Greece
Rhone River, France
Riviera di Ulisse, Italy
Rome 1; Rome 2
Rouen, France
Saint-Émilion, SW France
Salzburg, Austria
Sarlat, SW France
Saxony, Germany
Schwyz, Switzerland
Scotland 1; Scotland 2
Senigallia, Central Italy
Southern England
Southern France
Southern Italy
Spain (Edible Books)
Spello, Italy
Stockholm, Sweden
St. Petersburg
Sutri, Lazio, Italy
The Ritz, London
Toledo, Spain
Tuscan Farm
Tuscany and Umbria
Valencia, Spain
Vatican Museums
Vicenza, Italy
Vienna 1; Vienna 2
Yaroslavl, Russia
Yorkminster, England

TravelingBoy's 3 things About Lake Geneva
...we didn't know about
the Lake Geneva Region

What are some of the “things” or activities that residents of the LAKE GENEVA REGION do for fun?

map and flag of Juneau

This installment of THREE THINGS is courtesy of François Michel, Directeur-adjoint, Office du Tourisme du Canton de Vaud (

Lake Geneva castle
Today in Traveling Boy
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GasBuddy Survey Says: 92% of Americans Traveling for Thanksgiving Plan to Drive; 71% Expect to Spend Less This Year

When Americans hit the road this year for Thanksgiving, 31% will be traveling over 500 miles and another 31% will travel between 200 and 500 miles. This year 92% of us are driving and just 6.5% say they’ll fly. But no matter how far we go or how much we think we save on gas… that doesn’t mean we’re looking for ways to spend it. Of more than 81,000 Americans surveyed by GasBuddy this month, 71 percent said they expect to spend less on Thanksgiving this year. “With record-low gas prices, consumers are more inclined to load up the car to make the turkey meal voyage and be with family,” said Allison Mac, petroleum analyst for GasBuddy. “The survey results reveals there is a sense of relief this travel season.”


Richard Carroll's travel blog/review
Elko's 31st Celebration Of The Old West

museum display, Elko
Way out in the misty west, rag-tag spirits of the past, grasping at timeless threads of memory, swirl about Elko's sturdy and uncompromising red brick buildings, touching the town's sparkling casino lights that passionately blink out a silent refrain to those with Lady Luck riding on their shoulders. These crusty old spirits, the rock-hard backbone of Elko, are the heartbeat of Western Americana.

Traveling Guest

Fyllis Hockman's travel blog/review
England's Lake District: Where Peter Rabbit, Beatrix Potter and Literary History Converge

the Lake District, England
What do William Wordsworth, William Yeats and Jemima Puddle-Duck have in common? Well, they all lived in and around the fairy-tale villages of England's Lake District, but only one of them actually is a fairy tale. And possibly the most famous of the three – at least among the under-10 set. Ms. Puddle-Duck, along with her good friends and neighbors, Peter Rabbit, Samuel Whiskers and Pickles among many others, were brought to life by Beatrix Potter...

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Bev Cohn's travel blog
Israel: A Remarkable Paradise Carved Out of the Desert

welcome sign at the Ben Gurion Airport, Tel Aviv
Usually when I'm invited on a press trip, my family and friends are very excited for me. When my trip to Israel materialized, I eagerly shared with everyone what for me what was great news. Their smiles suddenly faded and were replaced with looks of deep concern. "Be careful." "Be careful." "Be careful." I heard that over and over again, with one email from a friend reading: Don't leave the group. Don't eat in any outdoor cafes. Don't use the buses. Don't use any underground parking...

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Bev Cohn's travel blog
Israel: A Magical Journey Back in Time

view of Jerusalem from Mt. Scopus
We arrived at the Ben Gurion Airport at 4:55 am and were promptly met by a friendly representative from the Israel Ministry of Tourism, who brought the other journalist and myself over to the check-in desk. A phone call was made and our driver immediately appeared, whisking us away to the Mount Zion Hotel located in Jerusalem, the capital of the State of Israel.

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Dette Pascual's travel blog
Dia delos Muertos: The Day of the Dead

All Saints Day scene at a Philippine cemetery
The world we know, lets go of October with a celebration of the spirit gone into another realm. In many western worlds, they call it Halloween. But in the Philippines, there is the tradition of “All Saints Day” which is a way of remembering dead loved ones by prayers, bringing flowers, and lighting candles at their grave. This custom of going to where loved ones are laid to rest, is a hold-over from the Philippine history of being under Spanish rule hundreds of years ago.

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Guest Contributor's travel blog
A Northwest Coast Thanksgiving: Looping the Olympic Peninsula
By Sarah Wyatt

It's almost Thanksgiving – time to admit that not everyone wants to spend three hours in bumper-to-bumper traffic making their way to Grandmother's house for yet another meal of cold turkey and canned cranberry sauce. Veteran road trippers see a different opportunity: four days off to explore some spectacular byway that offers great views and outstanding cuisine.

Traveling Guest

Tom Weber's travel blog/review
Under Doctor's Orders: Deggia

The Sanctuary of Our Lady of Carravaggio, Deggia, Trntino, Italy
Our "Man in Italy" continues his series of photo shoots around the Trentino as his lens focuses in on an off-the-beaten path hamlet where llamas roam free and a quaint little church stands in homage to a Marian apparition of old.

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Tim Mattox's travel article
It's Your Birthday… Light The Candle!

Rod and Honey Piazza
For blues fans in Southern California the annual Rod Piazza Birthday Bash is one of the most anticipated music events staged in the Inland Empire. Hosted by the birthday boy himself along with his lovely wife Honey, the blues will once again light up the American Legion Hall, Post 79 in Riverside's scenic Fairmount Park. As is the tradition just prior to the arrival of Santa, Rod and Honey invite all their friends and fellow musicians out for a day-long, old fashioned harp-blowing, guitar-blazing, West Coast Blues-dancing celebration.

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Greg Aragon's travel blog/review
Rancho Mirage is a Real Oasis in the Palm Springs Desert

Westin Mission Hills Golf Resort & Spa, Rancho Mirage
If someone told me there was an historic presidential retreat in a small desert oasis near Palm Springs, I would have told them they were seeing things. But it is real and no mirage. It just happens to be located in the city of Rancho Mirage, near Palm Springs. I saw this West Coast "Camp David," along with a host of exciting locations, on a recent trip to the small resort town.

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Tom Weber's travel blog/review
Under Doctor's Orders: Molveno

Molveno village and lake
Our "Man in Italy" was recently sent packing by his physician to undergo two weeks of water therapy at Terme di Comano in the Trentino area of northern Italy. In between his two-a-day therapeutic baths, he was out and about with his camera gear documenting where to go and what to see. This is his second in a series of ten waterlogged dispatches filed Under Doctor's Orders.

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Guest Contributor's travel blog
SpringHill Suites Makes a Splash in Oceanside
By Mary McGrath

SpringHill Suites by Marriott just opened in February, and I've got to tell you, this is a real bargain for being by the ocean. This stylish surf inspired retreat offers a coastal casual vibe. The rooms are finally appointed with a beachy decor, and modern amenities that discerning travelers expect. Step outside and you have panoramic views of the Pacific and a long lazy pier that welcomes your attention.

Traveling Guest

Tom Weber's travel blog/review
Under Doctor's Orders: Terme di Comano

rock on the shores of Molveno Lake
Sent packing by his physician, our "Man in Italy" spent two weeks at a spa-wellness center surrounded by the Brenta Dolomites up in the Trentino Alto Adige region. In between his two-a-day therapeutic baths, he dried off and ventured out of his retreat to see what he could see. This is the first in his series of ten dispatches, Under Doctor's Orders.

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Bev Cohn's travel blog
Up Close and Personal with Brendan Gleeson

Brendan Gleeson in 'Calvary'
Brendan Gleeson is one of those actors who always manages to crawl inside a character's skin, creating fully actualized, riveting performances. Gleeson's latest film, currently playing in theatres, is "Calvary." Written & directed by John Michael McDonagh, Gleeson plays the role of Father James, a very kind priest in a small Irish parish who hears a shocking plan during a confessional that sends him on an exploratory mission.

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Corinna Lothar's travel blog/review
Crystal Bridges and Arkansas in Bloom

outdoor exhibit at the 21C Miuseum boutique hotel, Bentonville
Arkansas has shed its undeserved Dogpatch reputation. Northwest Arkansas has become prosperous, with a wealth of places of interest for tourists, and offering some of America's most beautiful nature, along with cultural events, and many craft and antique fairs. The new Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport serves as the gateway to Ozark towns and villages, such as Bentonville, home of Walmart, and Eureka Springs...

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Eric Anderson's travel blog/review
Doing the Douro with Uniworld

buildings in Porto, Portugal
We've taken a handful of river cruises in Europe, one with Viking and half a dozen with Uniworld, over the last ten years. We've seen this international enthusiasm for visiting those medieval towns of Europe that lie along their legendary rivers swell until its very success threatens the whole experience. We tell our friends and our readers, "If you haven't done European river cruising before, do it now! It will be too crowded in ten years to be as much fun."

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Tom Weber's travel blog/review
Country Roads: Epilogue

country road in Italy

"Our Man in Italy" ties a nice bow around his 21-part Country Roads of Italy travel journal with a photographic look back on his amazing eight-day Insight Vacations journey.

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Corinna Lothar's travel blog/review
Art Ancient and Contemporary in Southwestern France

Cathedral Sainte Cecile, Albi, SW France
Ancient villages sit on hilltops overlooking fertile fields, rivers and lakes. Medieval castles dot the landscape. For a thousand years, pilgrims have crossed this southwestern French countryside, the Midi Pyrenees, en route to Santiago de Compostela, stopping for food and shelter wherever the scallop shell, symbol of St. James, is displayed.

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Fyllis Hockman's travel blog/review
Mary King's Close, Edinburgh, Scotland: 400 Years of History

actors as inhabitants of Mary King's Close
The year is 1645. The most virulent strain of the Bubonic Plague has immobilized Edinburgh, Scotland, claiming the lives of more than half the city's population. The area hardest hit: Mary King's Close on High Street, a busy thoroughfare and lively 17th century street of pubs, shops and residences. Cries of suffering have replaced the friendly chatter, and the stench of death, the pungent aroma of tea and scones.

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Ed Boitano's travel blog/review
Exploring the Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu & Incan Cities – With Adventures by Disney

Machu Picchu, Peru
Hiram Bingham is considered by many as the role model for the screen character, Indiana Jones. In 1911, Bingham, an American historian and lecturer at Yale University, traveled high into the Peruvian Andes in search of The Lost City of the Incas. With the help of local Andean farmers he was led to a site of monumental granite structures, terraces and temples covered in two centuries of jungle growth.

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"Thanksgiving Day, a function which originated in New England two or three centuries ago when those people recognized that they really had something to be thankful for – annually, not oftener – if they had succeeded in exterminating their neighbors, the Indians, during the previous twelve months instead of getting exterminated by their neighbors, the Indians. Thanksgiving Day became a habit, for the reason that in the course of time, as the years drifted on, it was perceived that the exterminating had ceased to be mutual and was all on the white man's side, consequently on the Lord's side; hence it was proper to thank the Lord for it and extend the usual annual compliments."

--- Mark Twain

Traveling Boy travel tips

Traveling Boy Charities, Travel News, Trivia, Quotations, Videos, Poetry, Deals & Steals

Traveling Boy Charities

The staff at TravelingBoy has designated 2014 as THE YEAR TO GIVE. Here are some of our favorite charities.


This Is Why a River Cruise Is Better Than an Ocean One

Have you ever taken a cruise? I'd predict you'll answer YES. But what if I said have you ever experienced a RIVER cruise? One of the most "IN Things" in travel today, IS a river cruise.

There are myriad books about ocean cruises around the world, but with Europe having one of the biggest markets for river cruises, how does a potential passenger find out – in an unbiased way – things like how many river cruise lines are there in Europe? What do they offer? What are their ships like, and how does one differ from the other?

Berlitz River Cruising in Europe by Douglas Ward


Live Like a Local with TripTogether

The leading service for connecting travelers and finding international travel companions TripTogether has compiled a list of tips for how to avoid the tourist label and experience destinations like the locals do. “Many members have expressed a desire to live life like a local, even when they’re traveling, so we polled members around the globe to help meet this desire,” said Anthony Volpe, TripTogether’s main Spokesman.


T-Boy’s Richard Carroll has added CONTRIBUTING WRITER at LA TRAVEL MAGAZINE to his impressive resume.

What Concerns People Most When Traveling This Week?

AAA is expecting 41 million Americans to travel this week for Thanksgiving. However, weather experts believe the entire East Coast will experience conditions favorable to a Nor-easter, threatening on-time travel itineraries for millions of passengers. Travel insurance provider, Protect Your Bubble, has new data about what concerns travelers most this week and throughout the holiday travel season.

  • Men (25%) are most concerned about missing their connecting flight, while women (31%) are most worried about lost luggage.

  • When it comes to renting a car, most people overall are concerned with damaging their car (38.2%) or needing roadside assistance during their trip (25.2%).

This data is from an online survey conducted from Oct. 25 – Nov. 10, where 2,500 people were asked what concerns them most about the upcoming holiday season.

The Society of Professional Journalists is Accepting Submissions for Its 2014 Sigma Delta Chi Awards, Which Recognize the Best in Professional Journalism

The Society of Professional Journalists is accepting submissions for its 2014 Sigma Delta Chi Awards, which recognize the best in professional journalism.

The Sigma Delta Chi Awards date back to 1932, when the Society first honored six individuals for contributions to journalism. The current program began in 1939, when the organization awarded the first Distinguished Service Awards. These awards later became the Sigma Delta Chi Awards.

Submissions must be received by Friday, Feb. 6, 2015, and works must have been published, aired or broadcast in 2014 to be considered. The contest is open to any U.S. media outlet or international SPJ members, and you may enter online at


Airports to Avoid This Holiday Season

With the holiday season upon us, millions of people will be traveling to join their friends and families for that special meal. They may have the foresight to buy their plane ticket in advance to avoid price hikes, but the one thing they cannot predict are the dreaded weather delays.

To compile the “Worst Weather-Delayed Airports” list, examined weather-related arrival flight-delay data over a 12-month period from the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Bureau of Transportation Statistics. From August 2013 through July 2014, nearly 23 percent of U.S. flights arrived at least 15 minutes late, were cancelled, or diverted – roughly 31 percent of those were a result of weather.

Who is the worst offender? San Francisco International Airport (SFO). SFO ranks #1 on the list. For an airport that clocked nearly 168,000 arrivals, it had nearly 26,000 weather-related delays over that 12-month period. That means more than half of SFO arrivals experience a weather-related delay!

Other airports that will cause you to be tardy for the party include: Chicago-O’Hare International Airport (ORD), LaGuardia Airport (LGA), and Denver International Airport (DEN).

Random Acts of Canine Kindness


Cedric the Dog contemplates the ramifications of human rights v. property rights as burglars break into his home.

Germany No 1 in the Worldwide Brand Comparison; Top Position in Culture Category

Germany has been voted into first place in the latest Anholt-GfK Roper Nation Brands Index 2014, in a global comparison of 50 nations, putting it ahead of the USA and the UK.


Drone Games

ABC News reports that federal officials are looking into claims from three commercial pilots about drones being seen near their planes while approaching New York City's Kennedy Airport earlier this week.

A JetBlue flight from Savannah, Georgia, encountered a drone about two miles from the runway on Wednesday, while Virgin Atlantic and Delta flights had their own drone sightings near the runway on Sunday. The Delta pilot claimed the drone missed hitting one of the plane's wings by about a foot. All three flights landed safely.

These real-life scenarios eerily resemble those portrayed in a novel by Florida-based author Joel Narlock. The storyline in Narlock's "Drone Games" involves the use of drones to carry out terrorist acts against American airliners.

Experts from within the aviation industry have weighed in on the drone aspect of "Drone Games":

"'Drone Games' is a well-written work of fiction that is very believable. Drones and UAVs are hot topics in the airport management community today."

Kenai Fjords Tours Wins 2014 Platinum MarCom Award

Seward, AK: CIRI Alaska Tourism Corporation won a 2014 Platinum MarCom Award in the “Website Redesign” category for the Kenai Fjords Tours website.


Airbus: Worst Airplane Seat Ever

Airbus filed a patent for what will be the least comfortable airplane seat in the sky. The new design features saddle-like seats that can fold up when not in use. Gone are cushions, padded armrests, tray tables and personal space: The new seating plan, of course, would allow airlines to cram more passengers into the limited space of the cabin.

Airlines with the Most Extra Fees
Courtesy SmarterTravel

The airlines call them ancillary revenues. Travelers call it nickel-and-diming. By whatever name, the dizzying array of fees that airlines now impose for everything from checked bags to carry-on bags to seat selection to ticket reissues is big business. And it's getting bigger…


Airlines Are Making Big Bucks!


5 Things Travel Has Taught Me

The staff at Twenty-Something Travel write about 5 things they’ve learned from travel.


Travel Smarter with Brainscape!

In eight of the 13 cities listed as best vacation destinations by U.S. News this year, English isn’t the official language. Add vast cultural differences and unfamiliar terrain to the existing language barrier and suddenly a trip abroad can become a daunting proposition. Fortunately, Brainscape can help travelers learn how to talk the talk (quite literally) in no time before they venture off to a foreign destination.


An Inside Look At the Los Angeles International Airport Control Tower
By John Clayton


The Genesis of T-Boy’s Cartoons

Known for travel stories that immediately capture the interest of the reader with their colorful creativity, clever use of words and the talent to paint pictures with words about destinations all over the world, TravelingBoy is delighted to announce the riveting success of our hilarious travel cartoons that highlight the foibles and quirks of mankind.


Operation Homefront

A national nonprofit, Operation Homefront leads more than 4,500 volunteers with nationwide presence who provide emergency and other financial assistance to the families of service members and wounded warriors.


Together in Spirit – The Best Friends Animal Society

At the core of Best Friends' work is the dream that one day animals will no longer be killed in America's shelters.


Deb's poetry break

Old Thanksgiving Rhyme
Author unknown

The year has turned its circle,
The seasons come and go.
The harvest all is gathered in
And chilly north winds blow.

Orchards have shared their treasures,
The fields, their yellow grain,
So open wide the doorway ---
Thanksgiving comes again!

Send Deb your favorite travel poems.


Dog Quotations

Last-Minute Airfare Deals

Find the latest last-minute Web fares for flights departing from within the United States and Canada.


The Best Place to Find Cheap Flights

Compare prices on 400+ airlines and travel sites, including Expedia, Orbitz, Travelocity, Priceline and more and find the best bargain..


7 Frequent-Flyer Tricks Worth Learning

Master the art of earning miles, attaining elite status, and working the system to earn free flights and other perks. Learn from expert travelers who know how to maximize their elite status.


Traveling Boy Recipe Travel recipe of the month

Thanksgiving Recipe – Circa 1621

Thanksgiving is an annual U.S. holiday, with regional recipes and customs varying from geographic areas, plus with many meals including personal family culinary traditions.

Just for fun, research shows the following dishes were served at the first harvest celebration in Plymouth (in present-day Massachusetts) in 1621. Prepared by the 50 or so Pilgrims, plus just under 100 Wampanoag Native Americans, the meal was a mix of what the English settlers knew and brought with them, as well as what the Wampanoag contributed to the feast.

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Honeyboy Edwards
John Hammond
Field Hollers
Eddie Vinson
Willie Dixon
Mark Hummel & the Blues Survivors
John Mayall
Lowell George (Little Feat)
BB King
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Zen Blues Quartet
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2011 San Diego Blues Festival
The Blues & Lives Well-Lived
Pendleton Warrior
Promise of the Real/Lukas Nelson
Jimmy Carl Black
Stephen Stills
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Kinsey, Perkins & Sumlin
Charlie Musselwhite 2
2013 San Diego Blues Festival
Phil Gates
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Lightnin' Malcolm

Travel Humor (partial list) – a collection of jokes (with bits of travel adventures) from graphics artist Raoul Pascual:
Can You Get Married in Heaven?
3 Men, 3 Women and 3 Bears
Dangerous Snake
The Truth About Reindeer
Health Warning
Do You Want to be a Mermaid or a Whale?
Irish Jokes
Outback Half-Wit
Irish Millionaire
Laundry Man
Moses and the Red Sea
Two Norwegians
How the War Between Ireland and France was Averted
Jewish Haikus
Italian Profiling
The Middle Wife
Welsh Holiday
Alberta Snow
Complete and Finished
Alzheimer's Test
Fairy Tale
Agricultural Inspector
News from Libya
Chinese Food
Baby Polar Bear
Spanish Delicacy
Mexican Jews
British Humor
A Chicken Walks Into a Bar
First Child
Irish Babes
Italian Golfer
Sleeping With Bob
The Crows of Massachusetts
Snow Parking
Hamburg Visits Los Angeles CA
Airplane Water Landing
Team Effort
Leviticus 20:13

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