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Writer's block. I hate it. Here I am in front of my computer with midnight fast approaching on a Thursday night and I don't know what I should write about. Early this week I sorta, kinda, narrowed down the topic but then the ideas floated around and more and more ideas were added to the mix until finally it was just one big mess of nothing.

You know what it is? It's a result of "trying too hard." Until recently, I never realized how a number of you look forward to my TGIF Intro more than even the jokes. Now I feel so conscious ... it's like I'm walking on stage and expected to perform and I get nervous in front of people.

I remember one Christmas, my family was requested to do a scripture reading at church. Just a few seconds before "show time" I looked down at my feet and lo and behold my left shoe did not match my right shoe. I nearly died. My wife was distraught. Oh the shame! Oh the laughter! OMG!! I braced myself for the inevitable. We went on stage. And we did our job. And surprisingly, no one even noticed!
Funny how our worries almost always make mountains out of mole hills.

Last weekend I got a letter with a huge bill. I prayed and asked God to do a miracle. I hesitated to tell my wife because I didn't want her to worry ... but I knew I needed to. "Bad news," I said as I handed her the letter. From my face she knew it was really really bad. Then she looked at it and laughed. She said it wasn't a bill ... it was a receipt! Apparently my worry blinded me from reading it more accurately. Talk about quick answered prayers!

I don't think I'm a worry wart ... but I worry that I am ... Huh?!?!

"“Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink.
--- Matthew 6:25

Wisdom from Vots of Makati, Phil.
Words of Wisdom

Complaining about a problem without proposing a solution is called whinning.

Thanks to this week's winners:
Art of Pasadena, CA; Grace of Tempe; Jake and Levon of LA; Debbie of Moreno Valley; JRP of Mindanao; Peter Paul of South Pasadena; Vots of Makati; Jackie of Whittier; Lena of Honolulu; Raffy of Mandaluyong.


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sent by Jacke and Levon of Los Angeles, CA

Some people say Jesus wasn't Jewish.
Of COURSE he was Jewish! 30 years old, single, lives with his parents ... come on!
He works in his father's business, his mom thought he was God's gift ... he's Jewish!

--- Robin Williams

Wallet Photo
sent by Vots of Makati, Philippines

Been married 20 years, but I still carry my wife's picture in my wallet.

Whenever I face difficulties in life I take out my wallet and stare at her picture and it comforts me knowing that...


if I survived being married to this psycho, I can survive anything!

Neat Math Trick
sent by Debbie of Moreno Valley, CA

DO NOT cheat. DO YOUR math, THEN compare the results to the list of movies at the bottom. You will be AMAZED at how scary true and accurate this test is.

What movie did Robin Williams win a Golden Globe Award for best actor in 1994 for his role as a woman? If you aren't sure, do it mathematically. Follow the instructions below.

1. Pick a number from 1-9.

2. Multiply that number by 3.

3. Add 3.

4. Multiply by 3 again.

5. Your total will be a two digit number.

6. Add the first and second digits together. What's that number?

7. Of the 17 movies below that number is the answer to the BIG QUESTION.

List of Robin Williams Movies:

1. The World According to Garp
2. Moscow on the Hudson
3. Flubber
4. Good Will Hunting
5. Good Morning Vietnam
6. Dead Poet's Society
7. Happy Feet
8. Awakenings
9. Mrs. Doubtfire
10. The Fisher King
11. Ferngully
12. Aladdin
13. Toys
14. Jakob the Liar
15. Jumanji
16. Jack
17. The Birdcage

Now, isn't that something?

Videos of the week: (click on the picture)

Japanese Cell Phones
Contributed by Jackie of Whittier, CA and Lena of Honolulu, Hawaii

Japanese cell phones

Notice how people are always after the latest and greatest in cell phones? Well the Japanese have their own way of boasting. Even if you don't speak a word of Japanese you'll get it.

Blast from the Past: Disney TV Classics
Contributed by Peter Paul of S. Pasadena, CA

Disney Wonderful WOrld of Color

This will certainly date some of you. This is the 1961 intro to Disney's Wonderful World of Color. Yes, this ushered in the amazing colored television. Below are some cartoon classics. If you know them, you must be a boomer. A definite blast from the past.
Johnny Fedora
Greyfriar's Bobby
I Wanna Singa (Warner Bros.)
Daniel Boone Intro
Susie the Blue Coupe

Forget me Not
Contributed by Art of Pasadena, CA

Husband adores with with Alzheimers

A video of a devoted husband and his wife who suffers from Alzheimer's.

They say a majority of husbands leave their wives when the wives contract a lingering disease. Not so for the women --- they stick it out with their sickly hubby. Sad but true stats.

Economic Benefits of Being Beautiful
Contributed by Grace of Tempe, Arizona

Benefits of being attractive

Grace shared this interesting study of why the beautiful people have an unfair advantage in almost everything. The world ain't fair so deal with it and move on.

Conscious vs. Unconscious bias

Cyborg Telemarketer
Contributed by Peter Paul of S. Pasadena, CA

Cyborg Telemarketer

Here's a recording of a telemarketer trying to sell insurance. Problem is, the telemarketer is not a real person. Fascinating interaction. This recording sprung up a few discussions about the business practice of computerized telemarketing like this link: Discussion About the Process

Funniest Call Center Conversation
Contributed by Peter Paul of S. Pasadena, CA

Funniest Call Center Conversation

I featured this video before but after watching the clip above, this is quite apropos. I believe this is a real phone conversation.

Self Defense for Women
Contributed by JRP of Mindanao, Philippines

Combat Self Defense

Women, you need to watch this. It's a quick self defense technique that may mean the difference between life and death.

Piranha Fishing in Brazil
Contributed by Raffy of Mandaluyong, Philippines

Piranha Fishing

I never realized that people eat piranha. I thought it would be canibalistic if we did but if you think about it, why shouldn't we? After all they are fish.

Notice the frenzy of those little devils. Definitely not a place to stick your feet into. TGIF people!


Hi bro,

I enjoyed your story and I can truly relate to being a "worry wart". Thank you for all your time, effort, and talent you put into the TGIF each and every week.

Have a good rest of the weekend!


So those were Japanese cell phones. Do they work? Everyone there grabbed for it. How do you work it?



I have learned that an audience is often not aware of a performer's mistakes. I've been doing vocal recitals with my voice teacher for a couple if years now and once: I wore my blue shoes instead of black, my hairpin was in the wrong place, my hairpin fell out without my noticing, I've never sung the correct lyrics all the way through, I forgot to put on lipstick, I sang the intro in a key only known to aliens, I invited my friends to come at 3:30 when the recital started at 3:00.

Now you know too!

I do look forward to TGIF. But I don't expect it to be perfect. And as long as you have family and friends, you will have things to write about. Because they bring things out of you that are worth writing about.

So thank you!


Thanks Raoul you do a great job with writers block, I do an invocation every week for the Quarterbacks Club of Pasadena. They enjoy it even though many of them do not subscribe to my belief and give me a standing ovation. Of course I do it right dater the pledge and that guarantees one.


Yeehay! I got the Mrs. Doubtfire answer right away, then went on thru the math process and got the correct # too. (9) Gives me the good feeling of "all's well with my world. I also liked the Robin Williams sketch and agree. Yup. Jesus was a Jew.


Hi Raoul,

I read your postings and keep them for a while. Every once in a while, I'll go back and re-read them. I do enjoy them.

Some years ago, I was on reserve duty. On the first day of my tour, I was walking from the hotel
to the office. It was a nice day and I was enjoying the walk. As I walked, I did an inventory of my uniform in my mind. Hat, tie, etc. As I only wore the uniform on active duty during my yearly training, if felt a little strange, but my feet felt good. Looking down, I noticed that I had my brown loafers on. Opps. A quick about face back to the hotel for the black uniform shoes.

I pray that you and you family are well. As I've said before, if you're ever in coastal Georgia, we do have a bed for you ("you' all").


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