Last Saturday, I met Bob. Frail and practically deaf at 87 years of age, Bob was a chaplain in South East Asia during World War II. He disclosed that he had 80 Kodacolor slides of rarely seen nuclear bomb tests he wanted me to digitize for posterity. Bob described how few people realized that ice formed at the top of the mushroom cloud because the impact reached the stratosphere. He said that his photos showed how the military exploded the atomic bomb at different heights. He said that the hydrogen bomb was several times more powerful than the 2 atomic bombs that were dropped in Japan. Thankfully, the HB was never released to any enemy nation. I asked if there was one regret in his life and he said "I wish we had never created the bomb."

   He has more stories that he wants to pass on before he dies. I would love to gather all this data but it would require several hours I could not afford to donate. So I wondered if there was someone who would sponsor this monumental task. To my surprise museums and historical war organizations are not interested. In fact, they would charge storage fees to display the exhibit.

   It's sad that Bob's story will probably die with him. What's even sadder is that the stories of most people will never be preserved.

   For a godless atheist, this is what you are living for --- to live life to the fullest --- for tomorrow, you and everything you lived for, will eventually die.

   I'm glad I am not among the godless. I believe the promises of someone who loved me and died for me so that I may live ... not just here in this life but the after-life. Bob believes the same thing. It would be nice to chronicle our life for the sake of future generations but if no one has the means or the time to do so, it doesn't mean our life was wasted. Our legacy lies not in our stories nor our photographs. Our hope rests on our saviour. Do I hear an amen?

Wisdom from Joji of Antipolo, Philippines
Words of Wisdom

TRUST is like a sticker.
Once it is removed, it may stick again, but it does not hold as strong as it did when it was first applied.

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Listen, I tell you a mystery: We will not all sleep, but we will all be changed— in a flash, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet. For the trumpet will sound, the dead will be raised imperishable, and we will be changed.
--- 1 Corinthians 15:51

Contributed by John of Whittier, CA

The CEO of a large firm goes on a road trip with his wife. They pull over a gas station to fill up the tank.

Later, the CEO steps inside the facility to pay the cashier. He then notices that his wife gets into an animated conversation with one of the gas station attendants.

As they drive on their way, the CEO asks his wife, "I noticed you were talking to one of the gasoline attendants ... it's as if you know him."

"Actually, I do," she said. "We used to go to school together... in fact, he used to be my boyfriend."


"I know what you're thinking," said the CEO with a smile. "You're grateful because if you hadn't married me, you'd be married to a gasoline attendant."
His wife kisses him on the cheek and says, "after all these years of marriage you still don't understand. if I had married him, HE would have been the CEO of a large firm and YOU would have been a gasoline attendant!"

Deaf and Pregnant
Contributed by Dr. Al of Pasadena, CA

A lady has13 children in a row all about 10 months apart. Each time she would take the newest one in for its 3 month check up, the doctor would check her and say "you're pregnant!"

After child no. 13, she took the baby in for the 3 month check up. The baby was fine.

The Dr. said "now we should check you."

She said that won't be necessary, "I've got a hearing aid!"

The Dr. protested, "hearing has nothing to do with pregnancy!"

"Oh yes it does," she says. "Ever since we got married, when we get in bed, my husband would always say, 'Do you want to go to sleep or what?'"

I have trouble hearing, so I say, "What?"

Videos of the week:

Cat SIngs that Russian Song

Contributed by Maria of Fremont, CA

Cat sings Russian Trolo Song

I didn't know cats could sing.

Didn't know they were Russian either.

2 Girls 1 Cockroach
Contributed by Dindo of Manila, Philippines

2 girls 1 cockroach

These Japanese think of everything.

It's a battle of breaths between 2 young girls.

The loser swallows the bug.

Lavish Lifestyle in Singapore
Contributed by Art of Pasadena, CA

Singapore Rish

With only 17% tax in Singapore, it's capitalism igone wild.

It's Lifestyle of the ultra-Rich and Famous.

Skinny Japanese Woman With a Huge Appetite
Contributed by Charlie of New York and Ernie of Fountain Valley, CA

Japanese woman with a big appetite

A few years ago, when I wasn't so conscious of my health, I would eat like a horse. Hard to believe that this young lady eats more than I ever ate. Wait till you see her stomach.

Child Abduction Experiment
Contributed by Toots of Los Angeles, CA

Child Abduction Test

Even if you've trained your kids not to talk to strangers, there's no guarantee that they will act correctly when faced with a real kidnapper. This is an eye opener.

3 Year Old Plays with Snake
Contributed by Abdul of Los Angeles, CA

3 Year Old Plays with snake

I think we spoil our kids too much here in America. The slightest tinge of lead in kids' toys and parents are up at arms. If toys are too small they can be swallowed, manufacturers do a recall. We forget that little kids in other countries play with dangerous stuff. But I think non-Americans need to draw the line when it comes to snakes.

Catching Watermelon
Contributed by Ernie of Fountain Valley, CA

Catching Watermelon

So how do you catch slippery and heavy watermelons?

With your elbows! Who would have thunk?

TGIF people!


For you friend Bob, instead of spending hours with him, just send him a an audio recorder. You can get that for under $10 from ebay. This will give him 90 hours of audio recording. Once done he can just give that back to you and you can archieve it for posterity or listen to it at your leisure. I would be interested in listening to it as well. Maybe together with his pictures, write up a digital photo-biography of his experiences complete with his narration.

Just a suggestion.

Rey of Simi Valley, CA

We need to talk about Bob. I may be able to help. What is the plan? How much time and how much money?

I have a friend who I might be able to get to help. I need to have something to tell him.
Are you going to record Bob's stories and then transcribe them?

As I am writing, it just occured to me that there already is a program doing this. I think Tom Brokaw is involved.

Dr. Al of Pasadena

A big, resounding AMEN!

BTW, the Singapore life style was interesting. Did you know that Singapore is rated the 4th safest city in the world? Davao City, Phil ranked the 9th. Ok, no? First was Osaka, then Munich, Stavanger Norway, etc. ....others were Bursa, Turkey, Heidelberg Germany, Seoul , Bergen Norway.

Family members moved to Singapore recently. I believe they were guided well in their choice of Singapore. Thank the Lord.

Dette of Mindanao, Philippines

I can try to digitalized (put in DVD/CD format?} his 80 slides if he can mail them to me. My 14-year old grandson is into military history. He has been reading and studying the American Civil War, World War I and as well as WWII. He can help me in this project. It would be s shame to lose such a piece of history.

Let me know if this is possible.

Pete of Virginia

I read your article on FADING LEGACY. That hit me to the core, especially “It's sad that Bob's story will probably die with him. What's even sadder is that the stories of most people will never be preserved” and “It would be nice to chronicle our life for the sake of future generations.” Please check my Embrace Our Heritage website. I’ve been telling my relatives and others to submit their stories because dates, photos and records are good to have, but it is the stories which can and will solidify ourselves as to who we are. I have hundreds of photos of my dad during WWII where he worked as a civil engineer building railroads from the Russian border into Persia, yet how I long to know his stories. Also why he was sent to Persia when he could have been an interpreter in Italy (as a 1st generation Sicilian, I only learned he spoke fluent Italian when I was in high school). And my uncle, for whom I was named, saved many lives while he was in the Philippines. He also went through the Bataan Death March. So many things I wished I had asked.

I’d be glad to consider helping Bob. Like you, I really don’t have time to spend hours on any one person. What I have asked my relatives to do is to submit their stories via, text, audio, and/or video and I would arrange them in an organized manner, edit and proof their stories (with their permission of course). I’d also be willing to publish their stories on Amazon (and other sources, including Kindle).

Does Bob have a family? What I have asked from my relatives is to join the membership site as an individual, couple, or a family (2 generations). I also offer a extended family package (3 generations). Again, check out the site for more details.

Frank of CA

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