Theater Seats for a Senior

November 17, 2017
Why Nigeria?

I have a load of stuff I still have to do before my trip to Nigeria. I leave Thanksgiving Day. As you enjoy your turkey I will probably be stuck in the airport.

Someone wondered why I was going to unfamiliar Nigeria instead of going back to my homeland. My reply is because the opportunity presented itself.

Why did Mother Theresa minister in India instead of her homeland? Why do missionaries go to far away lands instead of helping their own kind? Were they wrong? I don't think so.

Sometimes one needs to change to a different location to start afresh --- away from the the confines of the box that people put them in. This is very true for late bloomers like me. There is a statistic that says traveling increases not only the physical borders but also the borders of one's imagination and potential. Even Christ preferred to perform miracles away from his birthplace of Nazareth.

Has life stagnated for you? Perhaps it's time to travel and expand your mind. Be the better person you really are.

BTW, I am not sure if I will have internet access or time to prepare my TGIF emails for the next 3 weeks. I will miss you for sure. Be good! Happy Thanksgiving!

"Where does he get this wisdom and the power to do miracles?” Then they scoffed, "He's just the carpenter's son, and we know Mary, his mother, and his brothers – James, Joseph, Simon, and Judas. All his sisters live right here among us. Where did he learn all these things?" And they were deeply offended and refused to believe in him.

Then Jesus told them, "A prophet is honored everywhere except in his own hometown and among his own family." And so he did only a few miracles there because of their unbelief.

--- Matthew 13:54-58

TGIF people!

Senior Theater Seats
Contributed by Rick of Chino Hills, CA

An old man lay awkwardly sprawled across three entire seats in the movie theater.

When the usher came by and noticed this, he whispered to the old man, "Sorry sir, but you're only allowed one seat."

The old man didn't budge. The usher became more impatient.

"Sir, if you don't get up from there I'm going to have to call the manager."

Once again, the old man just muttered and did nothing.

The usher marched briskly back up the aisle, and in a moment returned with the manager.


Together the two of them tried repeatedly to move the old disheveled man, but with no success.

Finally they summoned the police.

The officer surveyed the situation briefly, then asked, "All right, buddy, what's your name?"


"Fred," the old man moaned.

"Where you from, Fred?" asked the police officer.

With a terrible strain in his voice, and without moving, Fred replied;
"The balcony."

TGIF Videos

Funny Commercial Compilation
Sent by Don of Kelowna, B.C.

Some new. Some old. Enjoy!

Modern Cinderella Christmas Ad
Sent by Peter Paul of South Pasadena

It's a shoe commercial so what better way to focus on shoes than a story about Cinderella. Gives you that cozy feeling of Christmas.

Father Gives Daughter to Groom
Sent by Chuck of Whittier, CA

This brought tears to my eyes. I wish I were this eloquent when I gave my daughter away. I have two more kids to practice with ... hope I don't screw up.

Parting Shot
Thanks to Don of Kelowna, B.C. who provided this photo



Hi Bro!
Thanks for selecting the joke I sent and of course it’s much improved with your creativeness.
Wishing you a safe, productive and rewarding trip. You and your team will be in my prayers.
Take care and Happy Thanksgiving!

Great Adventure awaits you. I am a Serran (Celebrating 45 years!) and always wondered why Junipero Serra came to California to preach Salvation to the indigenous people.. Your intro has helped me to understand . God Bless you on your journey to Nigeria.


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