Welcome Welcome Home: A Lullaby for Tonia

This is a song I wrote when my neighbor, Tita Antonia, passed away. The morning after her stroke, I woke up with the melody and the beginning words of the song. My wife thought I was talking in my sleep. I jotted it down in a piece of paper and later that day I put the whole song down. My wife and daughter helped me fine tune the words and the phrasing.
The picture is God cradling Tita Tonia in his arms and singing to her this lullaby while rocking her to a peaceful sleep. I hope you like it. You can use this song for your funeral services if you want. I supplied the lyrics and the chords below.

(For best effect, tune your guitar to G)

Below is the song in regular tuning but in the key of C. So if you want to sing along with this video, put your capo in the 7th fret.

Intro: CM7 - Dm7 (2x)
CM7             Dm7       CM7             Dm7
Welcome Welcome home. -- Waited for you long
FM7               Em       Bb             Dm7 then slide this chord to the 3rd fret (2x)
In my arms you’ll stay -- Cause I heard you pray

CM7 Dm7 CM7 Dm7
Go to sleep my precious -- You are not alone
FM7 Em Bb Dm7 then slide this chord to the 3rd fret
No more tears of sorrow -- Only tears of joy

CM7 Dm7 CM7 Dm7
Since you were a baby -- (I’ve) watched you walk and stumble
FM7 Em Bb Dm7 then slide this chord to the 3rd fret
And though you felt alone -- I was always there

CM7 Dm7 CM7 Dm7
When you were in trouble --- With your soul to bare
FM7 Em Bb Dm7 then slide this chord to the 3rd fret
I sent my love through angels -- Just to show I cared

CM7 Dm7 CM7 Dm7
When you stood right back -- Only made you stronger
FM7 Em Bb Dm7 then slide this chord to the 3rd fret
And with that strength you gathered -- Came the love you shared (came the love you shared)

CM7 Dm7 CM7 Dm7
What you did for others -- You did so to me
FM7 Em Bb Dm7 then slide this chord to the 3rd fret
But what was more important -- Was your faith in me

FM7     (then slide same chord to 3rd fret)
This song’s not just for Tonia --
FM7     (then slide same chord to 3rd fret)
It’s for you who listen
FM7             Em     Dm7 (slide Dm7 to 3rd fret) (then slide D to 5th)
There's still time to believe
FM7             Em     Dm7 (slide Dm7 to 3rd fret) (then slide D to 5th)
In the Christ who is risen

FM7     (then slide same chord to 3rd fret)
Many plans she made (echo: it’s not too late) ---
FM7     (then slide same chord to 3rd fret)
Many more to arrange (echo: But you shouldn’t wait)
FM7     Em     Dm7     Em     FM7
But what she didn’t know (echo: You will not know) ---
FM7     Em     FM7 (4x)
It was time to go. (echo: When it's time to go)
FM7     Em     FM7 (4x)
Yes, It was time to go.

Play Intro

CM7 Dm7 CM7 Dm7
Gone are your tomorrows --- Time to say good ‘bye
FM7 Em Bb Dm7 then slide this chord to the 3rd fret
In the arms of Jesus -- You’ll find comfort there

CM7 Dm7 CM7 Dm7 CM7 Dm7
You are finally home -- They will see you there --- Welcome welcome home Welcome welcome ... home


Hi Raoul,
Beautiful song! It is so wonderful that you are so generous in sharing your many gifts.
It's so good to hear your voice and you playing the guitar, it took me back to my college days.

God bless you always.
Warm regards,

Appreciate your kind words, Ida. It was difficult to share. I felt a little awkward, really. But I do crazy things when I approach midnight.

I'm sure others won't like it ... maybe a little too close to their comfort zone but hey ... this is me --- warts and all.

What a beautiful song for Tita Tonia.
May she rest in peace.

Thanks Mike. Means a lot that you liked it.

Nice song, Raoul (for Antonia) … may her soul rest in peace.

I’ll pray, too, that your song, your voice & delivery will be PERFECT.


Thanks Dean.

Funeral's on Tuesday. Appreciate your prayers. I'm already shaking.

Love your Lullaby for Antonia!


Thank you for your gift of music. You have compassion in your heart. God Bless you.

Great selection and superb song! What I like about the song is the emphasis on ones Faith and Trust with an optimistic theme! You will do just fine in performing it as it comes from your heart!

Tom J. Of Pasadena

Encouraging letter Tom. Thanks.

Raoul, That is a wonderful song you wrote, both words and music!! Very touching.


Thanks Debbie. You are too kind.

It's the strangest thing. The music keeps replaying in my head and I can't turn it off. It will probably go on like this until after the funeral service.

Hi Bro,
What a sweet gift for Tonia and her family. May she rest in peace.
Take care Bro and keeping you in prayer as you sing at the service.

Thanks for your prayers. Thanks also in behalf of Tita Tonia's family.

Dear Raoul,
The words are so meaningful. Unfortunately, our computer's sound system is down, and so I cannot hear the music yet. But the words show such trust and faith in God. How apt that today the sun is shining. I hope that your singing at the funeral went well. How could it not? It was for Tonia and her welcome to God's home. It is also a reminder to all of us who are now in the departure area that Jesus is the only way.
Love you, and love your generosity,
Dette in the Philippines

Thanks. I hope your computer gets fixed soon so you can get the full impact of the message. I apologize that the video's terrible. I was rushing to get it done before I launched my TGIF email and didn't have time to fix the lighting. I also didn't want to focus on my face --- who wants that? Anyway, it's the music that's important.
As far as the funeral service goes, that's still a few days away. I heard that the church band will be there. So that makes me super nervous to sing in front of all these professionals.

For the first time today, I listened to the music of your lullaby. So beautiful to have words and tune together. And i like your James Taylor style of singing.

Dette, Philippines

Raoul can I share your song to my FB friends? It is a beautiful song. A tearjerker! Well written for your friend. May she rest in peace.

Bernie in Virginia

Thanks Bernie. Sure. Pass it on. If you plan to play it in your guitar, you need to tune it in the key of G. You can even use it to sing in any funeral. I suggest you adjust the words for the Chorus:

Song's not just for (use a 2 syllable name of the departed). It's for you who listen.
There's still time to believe. In the Christ who is risen.
Many plans he/she made. Many more to conquer.
But what he/she didn't know. It was time to go.

And if there are more than one singer, I suggest you do a counterpoint/echo melody indicated in parenthesis.

It's a beautiful song and may your friend rest in peace with our good Lord.

Tony, Las Vegas

Thanks Tony. Glad you liked it.

Songs from the heart are always best - and this was, and therefore is. May Tonia rest in the peace of Christ.

Ernie, N California

Divinely inspired... you always wore your heart on your sleeves ... something I love about you ... One for the family legacy.

Grace, Tempe, Arizona

Sweet comment Grace. I like that.

Beautiful, Raoul!! You are so very talented~~at so many things! I am very thankful I found you in this crazy maze of the internet!!!
Judie, South Carolina

Very nice song Raoul! RIP Tonia!
Eliane, VA

Appreciate your comment Eliane.

Thank you for the song. It is beautiful and filled with love. While I never met the person, it sounds like she was a very special lady. You did well and I am sure you will do so at the funeral service.
Many blessings to you!
Lee, Arizona

Thanks for your beautiful encouragement. I pray you are right about delivering the song during the service. Please pray that it will open the hearts of the many who will be there who have not yet heard the Gospel.

I'm delighted that you continue your many talents in art, writing, and also composing and singing. God has blessed you in many ways and it is good to see that you are using those talents to be a blessing to other and share Good News.

Lee, Arizona

Nice melody and harmony.

Joel, Michigan

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