Excellent Speller

Blown Away By Bert

   Bert is a salesman. As you know, salesmen have to travel constantly to make sales calls. Bert's a good salesman but last year his wife underwent a major operation and it's been months now that she has been recuperating. To add to his daily chores, Bert was blessed with an adult autistic son who needs constant supervision. He and his wife used to take turns caring for their son but now Bert has to do all the caring --- for both! Now, it's only when their daughter is free from school and work that Bert can go on sales calls.

   The other day, Bert gave me a call about a project we have together and he was his usual cheery self --- cracking jokes --- and then he shared a verse from the book of Habakuk that had been giving him strength.
Here's Habakuk 3: 17-18
Though the fig tree does not bud
and there are no grapes on the vines,
though the olive crop fails and the fields produce no food, though there are no sheep in the pen and no cattle in the stalls, yet I will rejoice in the Lord,
I will be joyful in God my Savior.

   How are you doing? Is your world collapsing? Bert doesn't think so.

   This is just me but I just thought I'd encourage you and remind you that God knows what's happening. He won't let you go. Pray and be patient.

   Hey, at least it's Friday! Friday the 13th! Now you've got a choice --- believe in the superstition or believe in a good God. TGIF people!

Wisdom from Tom of Pasadena, CAWords of Wisdom

If today is the worst day of your life then you know tomorrow will be better.

Thanks to this week's winners:
Tom of Pasadena, Don of Kelowna, Rodney of Manitboa, Raffy of Buena Park and Mike of New York.

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TGIF Quickie

Contributed by Don of Kelowna, B.C.

Excellent Speller
Contributed by Mike of New York

Saul Epstein was taking an oral exam in his English as a Second Language class. He was asked to spell "cultivate," and he spelled it correctly.

He was then asked to use the word in a sentence, and, with a big smile, responded: "Last vinter on a very cold day, I vas vaiting for a bus, but it vas too cultivate, so I took the subvay home."

Soup Problem
Contributed by Raffy of Buena Park, California

Customer: Waiter please taste my soup.
Waiter: why? Is something wrong?

Just taste it.
Waiter: Is it too salty?

Just taste it.
Waiter: Is it too sweet?

Just taste it.
Waiter: Is it cold?

Just taste it!!
Waiter: Ok, Ok!! But where's the spoon?



And everybody said ---

Videos of the week:

Cell Phone Over a Kiss
Don of Kelowna, B.C.

Cell Phone at Bulls Game

You've seen those Kiss-Cams where people caught in the camera need to kiss the person next to them, right? Here's a bit of advice. Next time you go to the games, leave your cell phone behind. Just watch.

Wing Suiter (Flying Suit) Meets His Maker
Tom of Pasadena, CA

Wing Suiter Over Rio

This air daredevil shouldn't have gone here.

I think I shared this during the Olympic Games season but I still got a kick out of it. Hopefully you will too.

Flying in Dubai: Real Wing Suiters
Tom of Pasadena, CA

Flying in Dubai

Talk about death defying entertainment! One miscalculation and you'll be splattered like a fly on a wall. Sigh! When you're young you think you can live forever.

Dynamics of an Interview
Mike of New York

Rapport in an Interview

I thought this was interesting:
"An applicant’s ability to spark rapport seems to have a unique influence on whether he or she gets the job, Dr. Swider says."
Job searchers, if you are good at Improv Comedy you have a better chance.

TGIF people! We nailed this second week of the year!

Mexico Preparing for Trump's Presidency
Mike of New York

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