Amazing Camera

What is it about babies that make your heart melt? Caleb is almost a year old, He still can't walk but he can prop himself up by holding on to low furniture. Whenever he sees and recognizes me he smiles. He has this smile that almost breaks into laughter ... almost as if he knows there's a joke coming and he wants you to make him laugh. What a charmer!
I recently started leading worship for the kids at my church. One particular song I sing goes like this:

"I love cats, The Lord made cats. I love cats because the Lord made cats."

For adults, there's no logic to that song --- you like cats because the Lord made cats? That's a circular argument. It doesn't make sense. But when you're a kid this makes perfect sense. This Christmas I suggest you look at things from a child's perspective. It isn't the most expensive toy that is necessarily the best toy --- especially if it's a very young child. A big rubber ball is better than a hi-tech smart pad especially if you play it with him. And if the $ amount is important for the older ones, then there's something wrong in their system. Love can be conveyed in better terms than money.

When my family say they love me, that's all the present I need. Caleb says he loves me with just his smile.

Great are the works of the Lord, they are pondered by all who delight in them.
---Psalm 11:2

An original by Hannah of Australia
Words of Wisdom

Those who love you will understand if they don't get a Christmas present, and if they don't then they don't deserve a present.

Thanks to this week's winners:
Hannah of Australia, Mike and Charlie of New York, Norm of Arcadia, Tom of Pasadena, Don of Kelowna, Rey of Simi Valley and Naomi of N Hollywood.

Amazing Camera
Sent by Norm of Arcadia, CA
Warning: some of these may be offensive

Japanese scientists have created a camera with a shutter speed so fast,
they can now photograph a woman with her mouth shut.!!!

Sent by Norm of Arcadia, CA

A boy asks his granny, 'Have you seen my pills, they were labelled L.S.D.?'

Granny replies, "Dang the pills! Have you seen the dragons in the kitchen?!"

Television Education
Sent by Norm of Arcadia, CA

Little Billy asks his dad for a TV in his room. Dad reluctantly agrees.
Next day Billy comes downstairs and asks, "Dad, what's love juice?"
Dad looks horrified and tells Billy all about sex.
Billy just sat there with his mouth open in amazement.
Dad says, "So what were you watching?"
Billy says, "Wimbledon."

A TGIF Public Service

The director of Family Peace is a friend of mine. Her non-profit organization's mission pushes Alzheimer's Disease Awareness, helps with Domestic violence and Elderly Abuse. If you are so inclined, they could use your help. Get in touch with Diana and find out how you can donate. They're a small entity that want to do BIG things.

Videos of the week: (click on the picture)

Boys with Big Voices
Contributed by Don of Kelowna, B.C.

lip sync Christmas

I wasn't sure what this video was about until the boys started opening their mouths. Clean fun!

Waitress with a Heart
Contributed by Charlie of New York

Waitress with a heart

Ellen is on the lookout for some interesting people. Here she gives tribute to an ordinary waitress with a big heart.

Boxer Short Christmas
Contributed by Rey of Simi Valley, CA
Warning: This may be offensive

Boxer Short CHristmas

Here's a popular commercial just in case you haven't seen this yet. Funny.

How the Swedes Do It
Contributed by Mike of New York, NY
Warning: This may be offensive

Swedes Play Kettle

Okay, so you've seen the previuos video and how men in America jingle their bells. Now it's time for the Swedes. This brings a whole new meaning to kettle drums.

Wonderful British Animal World
Contributed by Naomi of North Hollywood, CA

What a wonderful world

Awesome photography and a familiar voice over. Classy stuff.

Ford Racer
Contributed by Tom of Pasadena, CA

Ford Racer

If you appreciate cars, you'll love this bit of history. This metal toy sputtered Henry Ford to the first car racing victory. It's Chitty Chitty Bang Bang in real life.

The Impossible Made Possible
Contributed by Mike of New York, NY

Ford Racer

Creativity ain't dead. If you're like me you'll watch this a few times. Honda does come up with some very creative ads.

Have a great weekend! TGIF!

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