Senior Dating

November 3, 2017
The Deep End

The original text and joke of this edition has been removed.

The author decided it was in poor taste and regrets sending it in a rush. An apology is upcoming in the next edition.

To those who received the original email, the author sends his apology.

TGIF Videos

South African Funeral Taxi
Sent by Tom of Pasadena, CA

Don't look now but someone's hailing down a taxi to go to a funeral. Look at the reaction of the people.

Streets, Roads, Drives, Etc.
Sent Tom of Pasadena, CA

What makes a street a "street" and a road a "road?" There is a reason to this madness.

The Amazing Hummingbird
Sent by Tom of Pasadena, CA

We have some of these beautiful creatures hovering around our home. This was also my Mom's favorite bird.

Parting Shot
Thanks to Tom of Pasadena, CA who provided this photo



All the guys that read this article are grabbing their crotches when they read the thing about sniffing the testicles. You are too funny.


Of all your Friday emails...your opening has never been so crude, you typically have words of wisdom or kind sentiments or uplifting perspectives. This was out of the ordinary and not the Raoul I know. Your second story of an elderly circle of friends where one lady speaks of being assaulted and raped and enjoys it smacks in the face of all the wrong we are teaching our kids not to or be like...but is common stories on the news. Do we laugh at your stories and frown when we hear about Harvey Weinstein or Trump. You make it easy to do so.

C'mon Raoul!


Great TGIF I have succumbed to a colonoscopy and your dream comes close to the truth at least in your head as you are lying there. Thanks for the reminder.


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